February 4, 2019 Anthony Cospito

“It’s About Time That Advertisers Created Ads That Resonate With Women During The Superbowl”

Adweek Featured – Quynh Mai, Founder & CEO

“With the NFL reporting that women make up about 45 percent of the fan base, it’s about time that advertisers created ads that resonate with them,” said Quynh Mai, founder of digital marketing and creative agency Moving Image & Content.
Mai argues that due to the fact that Super Bowl advertising has been so male-dominated in the past, ads targeted towards women serve as an antidote from the bulk of the offerings. She said: “Creating a Super Bowl ad centered around women breaks through the clutter of the typical commercials and creates a surprising, and therefore memorable, moment during the game.”
This increase in female representation during the Big Game isn’t just something women want, Mai added. “Female empowerment is not only important to women, but to families, who make up an important part of the Super Bowl audience,” she said. “Fathers, brothers, uncles who want to advocate for the women and girls in their lives, especially in the face of #MeToo, are acutely tuned in to messages about women’s equality. Super Bowl viewing is often a group affair, and by speaking to men and women, commercials can fuel interest and conversation.”
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